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What's Next?

Solar Flair 


This song originated from a late night solo session where I was hyper focused on sculpting a thick, wide warm bass sound. Months later when I opened the session I deleted everything but that bass sound and melody. Took that and made the basic instrumental. A few nights later I was working on the sweater design & thought I wonder how I can tie this design into a song. Opened my most recent session on my laptop and started to freestyle some things as I researched cameras. Over the next week I kept playing with the lyrics, delivery, recording, mix, & structure. Once I was pretty happy with the song I sent it to some friends who I knew would Give me some solid feedback. Took those notes & did three more masters till I had what you are hearing now! 


From me to you - "Solar Flair"


What's Next?


I'm        A Little Odd      But Im Real   Fun 

Away from my sweet girl for seven months, ten states apart. Late-night face-time calls. Working every day to set up the next steps for the mission. Short visits every few months. Managing interesting relationship dynamics. Both excited for what the future holds but missing the friend we can do anything with. Influenced by Blues / R&B for the chorus and leaning into the influence of southern HipHop for the verse. Just letting the song be as I felt when creating. Not worrying about outside perspective. Through all this the song Lonely was born.  


From me to you - "Lonely" 


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