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"Malatya MCM" Arm Chair

"Malatya MCM" Arm Chair

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With stunning shape, the "Malatya MCM" Arm Chair is a one-of-a-kind creation.


Combining authentic cast aluminum legs from the MCM era finished in a bold purple, paired with the luxurious Pierre  Frey "Malatya" fabric, accompanied by an almost pastel purple velvet, this chair is not only a statement piece but a work of art.

The front legs protrude out to the left and right while the rear legs sit almost flush with the back of the seat and angle slightly to the rear creating a lovely shape. 


All this is in the attempt to develop "future modern" design. A design style that includes timeless patterns, shapes, and colorways providing a unique but palatable aesthetic.  

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  • "Dimensions"

    Overall:                                             Seat:

    Height - 31”                                     Height - 17.5”

    Width - 31”                                      Depth - 15”

    Depth - 23”                                      Back height - 14”

                                                              Arm length - 15”

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