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"Pre-Jog" Pants Small

"Pre-Jog" Pants Small

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Crafted from piecing together up-cycled white color button-up shirts, the "Pre Jog" pants fuse capris and joggers into one design. Due to the multiple types of fabrics used in the pants, when died each fabric absorbed the the die at a different level. Creating a monochromatic look. A final touch was added with a (@danieldemonta) $50 bill design as a "velcro belt buckle" 



These are a 1 of 1 garment cut, sewn, and died by izo.dae himself. 

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  • "Expected Fit"

    With an elastic waistband and elastic around the ankles the pants can fit up a size or fit down two sizes. We would recomend caution if your legs themself are large(thick), due to the fact that the pants themself have no elastic in them or the stitching prohibiting them from fitting like yoga pants or jeans with elastic. 

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